Discover how effective the UK's top insurance companies are at digital marketing

Digital disruption has been driving change in the financial services sector for the past few years. Businesses have had to wake up to the new technology and digital channels that are revolutionising how the sector does business and their approach to marketing.

This is an opportunity for insurance companies who innovate and adapt to the changing digital landscape. Insurance companies that neglect to prioritise their digital maturity will fall behind their competitors.

The 2019 Insurance Digital Census includes research and analysis of the digital performance of the top 47 UK insurance companies. The report covers 8 key aspects of digital including digital marketing, adoption of email marketing, digital services for customers and mobile effectiveness. We’ve highlighted the organisations that excel, and those who are failing to embrace this exciting opportunity. The report includes useful insights in to the financial services sector and suggestions for any insurance organisation looking to improve their digital strategy.

Inside the report:

  • The Digital Maturity League Table
  • Comparative analysis of the 8 core aspects required for digital success
  • Insights and statistics to highlight digital change
  • Suggestions for improvement and implementing best practice

And more...

This census has been put together by Kagool. Find out more about us here.

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